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Come on! That post was self ironic! Do you really feel threatened by the three notes of sympathy my frankly small bunch of followers left me or what. I certainly didn't write it with aggressive intents; the followers who read it (i didn't even tag it nor write the name of your blog for god's sake) know me and my tendency not to mind my own business, so I thought they would have a laugh about my misadventures and that's all. You certainly get offended easily.

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I don’t feel “threatened” by anyone via the internet, but I felt like i have to explain myself after I saw this: 

yburesque said: ahah aw I think they were trying to be nice about it and over thought it. Poor girl is freaking out from all the random people messaging her now

you don’t know half the shit this blog gets/got already, don’t be surprised if you got a “hard or bitchy” answer. there’s a reason why i developed this feature and that reason is the presence of those assholes and their kind who are attacking me in my askbox right now.  

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my mom said if it’ll get 50 notes we can have a funeral for it

my mom said if it’ll get 50 notes we can have a funeral for it

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To be fair you could have tagged that post with some warning. Some people don't actually want to see dead animals, even if they are bugs, on their dash. I did contemplate unfollowing you after the spider post but what really did it was the insensitivity and rudeness with which you handled that original ask - which I thought was very polite and respectful. Unfollowed.

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tw: life

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let’s end the spider-saga. it wears me out more than twilight

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So this is what it feels like to make that Tumblr faux pas


I unfollowed a very popular blog because they posted about killing a spider (with pictures!) and unnecessary killings are horrifying for me, but I wanted to be nice about it and make sure they knew the reason why I unfollowed them, this because I CAN’T BE QUIET AND MIND MY OWN BUSINESS so I sent an ask explaining my reasons and I didn’t sent it on anon because I dislike anons AND THEY MADE A PUBLIC REPLY AND NOW ALL THE SPIDER HATING PEOPLE OF TUMBLR ARE RIDICULING ME LIKE SERIOUSLY THE REPLY POST HAS MORE NOTES THAN THE ORIGINAL ONE.

People are ridiculing you because your ask was indeed very funny and because people like to ridicule others especially if they’ve got a valid reason for it.

So let me explain you a few things:

I made a public reply because you didn’t asked me to reply privately.

Does this give you the right to call me a “CREATURE-KILLING, MURDER-PICTURING PEOPLE”? I don’t think so. What do you call butchers? Soldiers? Politicians?

I didn’t killed that spider because I enjoyed it. I killed it because it was in my room where there is no place for it. I suppose you would have even offered it your side on your bed. And it’s a “brown stone spider” and is dangerous to other spiders living in my house in peace like Phalangium opilio. Bless those little things. They kill those disgusting flies.

I see you are quite angry(internet-people prefer to be angry and offended about something like all the time), I guess that’s why you degraded your argument to personal insults despite the fact that you don’t even know me. Does notes really matter to you that much? Then here’s my +1.

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Sorry, I have to unfollow you for the post about killing the spider. I love your blog and I will like your posts if they happen to pop on my dash, but that one made me feel really uneasy and I don't feel like following you anymore. I hope your blogging life is good and thanks for all the good times! xxx

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wtf man are you the spider police

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Missandei in a new season 4 still (x)

Missandei in a new season 4 still (x)

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i just killed the biggest spider i saw in my life

wait im not sure it’s dead

it is now. looser climbed into my empty candy bag


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