Daenerys Targaryen - BCBG Max Azria Pre-spring 2014

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Arya Stark - Moon Young Hee spring 2014

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Missandei - Georges Chakra Haute Couture spring 2014

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Cersei Lannister in “The Lion and the Rose” (x)

Cersei Lannister in “The Lion and the Rose” (x)

This blog inspires me...

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For the better, I hope…(:

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Cersei Lannister - Saint Laurent Gold-plated crystal necklace

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Sansa Stark - A La Russe fall/winter 2014-15

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Hello :) I saw your post about civil Tyrell style and I would like to ask you - can you be persuaded to make similiar post, but instead of Tyrells, could you focus on Martells/Greyjoys/Boltons, whatever suits you the best? I like feminine, history-inspired clothes but decent ones - I live in a small town and I am not bold enough to wear something extravagant. So, do could you please recommend me some essential things which would suit these houses the best? :)

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Yes, I could do that if you guys thought the Tyrell one was helping. What other houses do you have in mind? Major ones like Lannister, Stark, Arryn etc.? 

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House Martell - Atelier Versace spring 2014

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Could you possibly find a few more Talisa pieces? I know I've seen the Jayne Westerling tag, but I always saw the two as separate characters. Thank you in advance :)

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I have a Talisa tag too. (:

I do find them completely different too, now that her storyline horridly ended. I lingered on the hope of Talisa staying alive as Jeyne did…

Feel free to browse, I’ll add a few more Talisa to my queue.

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