Khaleesi - Jason Wu Spring 2015

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House Velaryo- Valentino Spring 2015 

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Do you actually buy/wear from the designers you post? Do you have any of these amazing clothes for yourself?

Asked by Anonymous

This morning, when I rolled out of my silk sheets, wrapping a velvet blankie around my body and Dior nightgown, sweeping through my millionaire mansion barefoot, not bothering to put on one of the many silver and golden slippers I own, listening to my own personal little waterfall in my scandalously big garden, it whispered something like: “Go answer something an anon has to ask you”

So I did. 

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the putin collection lol

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Meera Reed - Nicholas K Spring 2015

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House Tully - Halston Heritage Spring 2015

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Tokar from Meereen - Giorgio Armani Spring 2015

why are you focusing on the headpiece when a tokar is the wrapped toga-like garment

because the fringe, the trademark of the tokar is only visible on the headpiece. the sequined scarf is wrapped around the dress like a tokar but lacks the fringed detail

House Tarly - Rodarte fall 2014

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Tokar from Meereen - Giorgio Armani Spring 2015

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Daenerys Targaryen - Lizzy Spring 2015

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